My relationship with bicycles began when I was a kid. I loved riding my BMX bike at the local dirt track, or over to a friends house to play, and sometimes to the drug store for an ice cream. Having a bicycle was liberating and it was my first experience travelling away from home and my parents close supervision. My bike was my favorite way to challenge myself athletically, socialize with friends, and express myself creatively. Building custom wood ramps to jump over friends or flying over a burning pallet was our freedom. Eventually my childhood horse play turned into long distance road riding and mountain biking and lots of racing. I was hooked. And some sort of bicycle has always been in my life.

Through my young adult days I learned to fabricate useful things out of metal. I taught myself welding, brazing, machining and enough design and engineering skills to assemble many useful things around the garage. Eventually I fulfilled a long time dream and built my own bicycle frame from chromoly tubing. That led to building several more frames for myself and friends to ride and experiment with unique designs. That started me out on a journey to learn everything I could and create fun riding bikes ever since.